Unusual Uses for Spray Foam

Spray foam is used to insulate the home and keep the appropriate temperatures in the home. It is the go-to solution for home insulation needs and far more effective than the old-fashioned foam that people placed in their basement and attic. However, spray foam has many other uses as well. Put your creativity to work and you’ll find the product has ample uses for your needs.

Protect Breakables

Did you know that spray foam is the perfect solution to protect breakables if you’re sending them in the mail, during a move, and other situations where you need security? Simply place the spray foam insulation into the bottom of the box, press it down, and pack the items inside as it hardens. Works like a charm every time!

delaware spray foam

Craft Projects

Arts and crafts are fun for families and for kids of all ages. The more creative and unusual the projects, the more excitement they offer to the child.  You can enjoy a variety of craft projects using spray foam.

Make a Frame

Picture frames hold our most special memories. There are some pretty amazing frames out there and the spray foam frame is one of them. It is a nice project to tackle and can even turn into a great Christmas or birthday gift for friends and family. It doesn’t take a lot of delaware spray foam to make frames and since it is so adorable, why not put your creativity into full swing?

Final Thoughts

Although you’ll call the professionals to come install spray foam to protect your home, there are many ways that you can use it at your home as well. The ideas above are a few of the many ways to use spray foam and have fun with it in the process!